Exhibition Signs

High density expanded polystyrene letters are ideal for creating an impact when promoting your company or products at trade shows, events or exhibitions.

Our polystyrene letters, shapes, logo’s or 3D props can be manufactured and supplied in a natural clean white polystyrene finish or coated, painted and glittered with a variety of alternative finishes.

tesco polystyrene sign

Polystyrene lettering painted to give depth and finished on the front face with vinyl or glitter can be a very effective advertising banner or sign. The polystyrene signs are lightweight, easy to handle, can be attached vertically to a wall or hung from a ceiling. Polystyrene lettering is very cost effective when compared to other forms of 3D lettering such as acrylic or hard plastics.

Marshall logo lettering

If you have any lettering or logo’s planned for an exhibition or trade show please contact us with your enquiry and we will¬†supply you a competative quote.