Logo’s | Lettering

We can design and cut almost any logo or lettering from polystyrene or Styrofoam with our cnc machine. Polystyrene lettering can provide an impressive visual media, while still being economical compared to other sign materials. These polystyrene logo’s are still lightweight and are ideal for use on stages, exhibition or trade stands and photo shoots.

Custom designed and cut 3D logo's from polystyrene or styrofoam. Large 3D company logo's for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and reception areas.

Large polystyrene letters for exhibitions, photos shoots and the stage. Can be finished to the customers requirements for maximum impact.

Glitter polystyrene letters add sparkle to any occasion and look amazing. The bright sparkle of glitter covered polystyrene letters or numbers

If you require a quotation for a logo, large lettering or anything else which we could make for you please send us your enquiry.